Gifts by Faith

Faith is a friend of mine. I met her on QB….then her & Karen drove 5 hours to my house to meet me & quilt. 🙂IMG_8202

Then my friends and I stayed at her house to while we attended Quilt Market in Spring of 2013. It was a great trip. Faith made us fabulous food and entertained us. We all have a great time…..and Faith’s Husband a great guy and didn’t complain as we all took over his house. I also can’t forget to mention Cujo….he is teh house mascot and won us all at “hello”

Anyway Faith’s son is currently in Japan for college and Faith is going over to spend time in Japan…..Isn’t that exciting? Experiencing new cultures and seeing the beautiful scenery. I keep thinking one of these times when I leave the country it will be for vacation instead of always leaving to see the worst parts of the world…..I am always backwards. LOL

Anyway Faith made these gifts for the host family and they are beautiful. She asked me to quilt them with a water make it looks like drops in a pool of water. You know how they swirl out and blend into eachother. That’s what I tried to complete here.  IMG_8203 IMG_8204 IMG_8205

Here is another set IMG_8212 IMG_8213 IMG_8214

The back with variegated ThreadIMG_8215IMG_8210

Thanks Faith! Appreciate You! always a pleasure working with you!

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