Georgie, The Giraffe

Deb sent this back in March/April She designed this for Quiltmaker and they accepted in for this month’s issue.

YAY! I am so blessed to quilt for her….because then I get published. LOL ( you know it’s all about me..haha)

You can find Deb’s Shop here, The Quilt Factory. She has many fabulous designs and patterns.



I have quilted quite a few for her. Always a pleasure for me.

101I wanted to keep the designs fun….but you also have to keep them simple for the magazine so they can re-create them for the magazine. I wanted to add lots of textures for the background….just add that little bit of fun & sparkle.

So there is continuous curves, l’s, double bubble, linked boxes, stipple and swirls. xoxox

102Look at Georgie, Isn’t he just adorable? Deb usually adds a bit of a 3-D element which I adore. So there is ric-rac and attached ears. so cute!

103Here’s the back:

104Obviously, the magazine will have much better photographs and staging…I am so happy to be a part of the process! Thanks Deb!

It’s always fun to see what you design.



5 thoughts on “Georgie, The Giraffe

  1. Fun, fun, fun. I can see she has a wonderful innate sense of whimsical design. I love it. And, your quilting was perfect!

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