Gentleman’s Fancy

I think that’s the name of this block? I know it came from Quilter’s Cache website.

I have been a part of a monthly block swap on flickr for a few years. I asked for this block just to make a scrappy quilt. When you are getting fabrics from everywhere it’s best to keep it simple ect. So I made this quilt.

I think there are new quilters ect. becuase none of the blocks were the same size….or the size that the blocks were supposed to be. If they are off by a quarter inch you can kind of work with that. These were off by 2 inches both ways…it was stunning. I didn’t even use all of them. So I did end up trimming some that cut off points ect because I just needed to make a quilt with them. I used some cut off HSt scraps that I had from another scrap project and made pin wheels to use as corner stones.

I just quilted a free hand clam shell design to cover the quilt….I just wanted an all over design because I liked the texture..but also didn’t want to sink a bunch of time into a quilt top that frustrated me.

 I ended up gifting this to a friend. She is a friend who won’t see flaws…and she loves everything homemade. Plus I owe her a scrap quilt. 🙂 So that worked out perfectly.

I also used scraps for the back. I am really trying to find a better way to use my scraps. well a better way to organize them so I will use them better. So my big ones I am piecing into backings. 🙂 I am trying to organize them as I go. It’s working out ok.


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