Garden Prayers

2 years ago I sent my jelly roll bin to my friend, Robert. He and I have been working together for several years. he’s a great guy and he likes to use his embroidery machine. I fell in love with this pattern …and he put together 2 quilts for me.



I wanted to add borders to bring them to a queen-king size and quilt them. So I asked them not to be finished…just pieced in a quilt top.

018 017


I am in love with these. I love the scriptures the blocks and the bright beautiful colors. He did a wonderful job!!

Here are some close ups:

019isn’t it just happy?

020 021 022I can’t wait to get these finished up……I see these type of quilts and think..I should really learn how to use my machine.

023 022 024 025 026Thanks so much Robert!

Thanks everyone for looking! Any suggestions of border colors? I am thinking bright & beautiful! Gotta look through my stash!

Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Garden Prayers

  1. Border….maybe a solid color that stands out to you as you stand back to view it. I personally like the turquoise color in some of the frames.

  2. I’d go with a sunny yellow. So many of the flowers have that in them. What an exciting quilt this will be! Awesome. Amen

  3. How neat!! I have no experience with machine embroidering…..but this really looks great.
    Bright and beautiful….A lively bright border would make it shine.

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