Funky Modern Houses

130Sally brought this to me. Sally is a long time friend of mine..and fellow quilter. She is just now getting involved in the “Modern” movement. I always love her work. She says my Opinion doesn’t ever count because “I love everything”. Which is kind of true. I see the beauty in all quilts….but it does serve me well since I am a quilter. Art is subjective….but honestly we all have different styles and flavors. Sally is not a fan of all of my work…LOL. But I am a fan of hers. 🙂


This cute quilt was inspired by a coloring book design. How AWESOME is that?

We can find inspiration anywhere, can’t we? I find it in many places.

Sally has her own longarm….but sometimes when you are so close to a project it is difficult to quilt. I know trust me…it happens to me too. We just don’t want to let ourselves down.So she brought it to me…and I had fun adding textures to her funky town. she actually added more embellishments after it was it’s even more fabulous!

132 133I quilted pebbles and rays of sunshine or moonlight..whatever time of day it is. I just had fun in each little section. This inspires me to want to make my own piece…..but time is not on my side. 🙂 at least not now.

Thanks Sally! I would live in this funky town..anytime!

I hope you all have a funky -fun day!


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