Front Porch Welcome

This quilt is designed by Joanna Figueroa and it’s in her book called “Fresh Vintage Sewing”

You can get the book, here.

I have linked to this book several times because I love the book I have had it in my possession for several years and from the first time I saw this book I loved this quilt…I have made 2 other quilts from this book ( in fact 2 of each) and Those are Here, Here,  & Here.

Now I have this one made:


My friend Donna pieces quilts for me sometimes….because she is just fabulous like that….I had to get in some time before her new grand baby is born…hehe. She may never sew for anyone else again….So Donna put this together for me and I just love it. You can’t see in the pictures but the sashing is made from linen fabrics and the stitching just sinks in so nicely. I love a good linen.

073 074I quilted this back in July or August…but just got around to posting it. It’s so lovely….the fabrics just make me swoon.

075 076 077I quilted a big swirl in the center of each block and then surrounded it in a wreath of feather plumes. Leaves in the sashings and it’s framed with a feather.

078 079Here’s the back:

080Thanks Donna! You are the best!

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday! I am spending it with Family.



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