Friday….Where did it go?

OK so Yesterday Friday just escaped me.

I got up went to breakfast with my quilty friends then went to my counseling session…..While there Rob text and asked if I wanted to take a trip to costco.
I said “sure” so I went home picked him up and we took the hour drive to costco.
We did our shopping, went out to lunch at Red Robin (one of my favorites…I just love their fries!) and then to the mall. I really just had to stop by Ross. I badly need jeans and some tops but I found this **SUPER** CUTE pink jacket that I am going to wear to church on Sunday the best part…I got it for $6.49! Rob says I look like the Mary Kay lady when I put it on…but that just means I am stylish! LOL I don’t think he has the love of pink like I do.
It’s a shame really.

Then I went about the mall looking for my favorite perfume which I guess is no longer for sale. I may do an internet search…I bought it at Macy’s a few summers ago…now Tracy by Ellen Tracy?? anyone heard of it? If anyone sees it I will send money so you can buy it for me. I love it and can’t find it.

Then we came home…stopped at the furniture store because apparently the furniture I ordered is on back order until January. So we were looking at some other options….I think we will just stick with what we ordered and make do without furniture for another month.

we got home I put away all the groceries and had every intention of starting work. I fell asleep and slept all night. It was about 6:30. I can’t believe it! I must be getting sick…which isn’t good.

Oh and for the contest in the last entry

All three of the ice creams have been guessed…yay! so that should help you all! I didn’t put a limit to how many times you could guess! LOL

I gotta get to work..I hope you all have a nice day..I will be on later to post pictures.


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