Friday Night Dec 23…..

Hi everyone….
Well today was eventful..of course Friday morning brekfast with my quilty friends. We have a good time every is such a great morning …I hat eto ever miss Friday mornings….even if i want to sleep in.
Then I came home….started woprking on the house…rob and I also had to go get teh rest of our gifts…plus he had to get his white elephant gift …I made fun of him..adn told him it was going to be one step above Jeri’s nobody is really going to fight over it. LOL..he is pretty offended by it. Jeri got a work out video, a headband and gum….I tried telling her that nobody else was going to fight over her gift…Secretly I told Rob I kept teh reciept in case we get stuvk with it… we can take it back for cash.
win-win! Right?
Then we wrapped…and wrapped…and wrapped…Rob folded all of our laundry…YAY! and teh kdis worked on cleaning teh house..all though they did take a break to go shopping..rob realized they didn’t get me any stocking stuffers when they went shopping for me out they went again….what would he do without me?? if he had to be a single parent he would forget all of these details wouldn’t he?
our washer broke again..after spending 300$ to fix it’s down….repair man can’t come until Tuesday…UGH! Murphy’s law….

I am running a special for January….I will post it Sunday night..or MOnday.
We played a board game tonight…it’s called wits&wagers. Rob pretty much killed us..whoever was on his team.. won…and now his ego is all inflated….obnoxious!
gracie our english in heat….UGH! Of course we have company so …..this is when she decides this? LOL again..Murphy’s law.
Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…I need to get some rest….big days ahead.
Many blessings

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