It’s been a FAST day! It doesn’t seem that they should go by that fast. But they always do. Rob is home on Fridays. So I never get as much accomplished on Fridays. It’s not really his fault…I I think. He’s just a distractions. I am always trying to keep him on task. Today’s task? Wrapping gifts. We have to wrap when kids are gone…so Fridays is a great day. When we were done the tree looked like this: photo(4)

I hate to admit that we aren’t done ( I also see that I spelled my tag wrong…nice job huh?). Majority of it is done. All the bags are gifts to adults…not children in our house who would surely look in them if they were tempted. No worries. Besides that as we were wrapping today Rob said “You know that the kids know what they are getting right?” I said “Yes…why?” He said “Because we get them the same things every year” Yes, this is basically true. But you know when you have as many kids as we have …..  I think practicality matters more than creativity. Did I just say that? Yes. Their big gift is always a form of currency so they can get what they really want. But I am not big into shopping for a bunch of things to clutter up the little space we have….or guess at what they really want. I would rather buy useful things and go through the traditions. Then they can shop for what they want.  Even with that we spend a pretty penny. If I am going to spend that much money it better be useful & practical on some level. That’s all I am saying.

I also wanted to share pics of my new-ish fireplace upstairs. So this is a fake faux fireplace. It’s from the 80’s. So We will call it vintage. It still works…and still puts out heat if you need it too. I have been carting this thing around for years. I inherited it from my late ex-MIL.  It was downstairs in the family room. But since the guys bought the new entertainment center with a much better fake faux fireplace…we had to find a place for this again. It just so happens that my chimney in the “real” fireplace needs to be cleaned out and Rob thinks we need a new insert. So no more “real” fires until both of those things are done. I had asked Rob to make me a fireplace mantle…so I could decorate it…..instead we put this “Vintage” Fake Faux fireplace in front of the real fireplace and ..>VIOLA!  IMG_7519 IMG_7520 IMG_7521

I am trying to decide if I should leave it in it’s original condition…or if I should make alterations to bring up to this decade. Chalk pain is kind of my friend….so I am thinking. It takes me FOREVER to make a decision like this…like this is really life or death, right? But it still takes me awhile.

The guys have also been working on mustang. We used to call it the “Flinstone” car You could literally see the ground underneath it..there was big holes rusted out and the seats would bolt in because of the rust. So the first order of business was to weld in a new car bottom. They had to do that in sections. In the process they had to re-wire everything. It’s needs new quarter panels and what not as well. But Rob is not a body work guy. He is an engine guy. But putting all of that aside. They have had to do all of that work just to be able to drive it…..So this pic shows the new carpet. photo(1)

You can see the seats need to be replaced….but that will come later.

Rob was so excited for the boys to get home from school so they could take their first ride together. I could barely get him to help me with my shipping. photo(3)

Getting the plates on.

photo(2)The clown car coming back with all of them packed in. They are all pretty excited about the car. it’s such a good thing for them to learn on. Who knows how it will end up? But I think we will be seeing more progress on this. 🙂

I shipped packages..stopped by the Rob could work his magic on a machine that needed help. he has worked so much on mine he times those machine lickety -split! I also had to drop off work and pick up some fabrics for a Round Robin.

Rob took Carl, Clarissa & Nick to see, The Hobbit (the boys are with their Dad). I am not interested in any of those movies…I was forced to watch LOTR….and I don’t care to watch them again. Don’t get me wrong they are not horrible. But I can find a different way to spend 3 hours of my life…but then to pay to watch it? Ummm no. I like musicals, happy-Sunshine & roses movies. I will waste my money on that type of fiction…where love always wins…and they don’t have to kill a million people to get there…if you know what I mean? Well I need to get some more computer work done…so I can then go get a couple of quilts done that are due tomorrow at the shop…I think I have a late night ahead of me…and an early morning. 🙂 Have a great weekend!







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