Fresh & Modern

Can I just say how much I LOVE this quilt? I simply adore it.IMG_8594


I asked Carol what the name of the pattern was…and she said she improvised from a  pattern she started with called Do-si-so. She ventured far because the two quilts don’t look alike. This is one is so fresh & modern. IMG_8590

We went back and forth on several quilting designs. She wanted teal thread and modern quilting. I love quilting in several styles….I like glam, victorian, modern….ect. But the thing about it is sometimes you have to decide that less is more or more is more…..there is so much to take into account. Then you know when you met the goal. IMG_8591 IMG_8592 IMG_8593

I love the fresh feeling of this and how pretty it is. There is all types & textures of fabrics. There is Amy and Kaffe as well. I spotted them out right away. 🙂IMG_8595

Random straight lines with teal thread. *heart*

The backIMG_8596

Thanks Carol …I love your work!


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