Frenchy and Some Mosaics


Nancy Made this quilt for her SIL. Isn’t it pretty. The fabrics are all mosaic type designs….The soft blues, purples and sage green color way. You can’t ever go wrong.

I quilted all over Charisma curls on this per Nancy’s request….and I think it looks great! IMG_5690 IMG_5691

Here’s the back.IMG_5692





This next one Nancy made from French general line of fabrics. I am a HUGE FG fan. They have not made a line I don’t like yet. My shop tends to carry parts of all their lines…whether it’s a specific color way or to fill in older lines they bought. Either way…classics for sure!IMG_5694 IMG_5695

Nancy called this her “Slice and Dice 9 patch” It was difficult for me to see the pattern at first..but then I got it…..there are lines that form a square on point and then the side setting triangles for a square in the center of each of those.IMG_5697 IMG_5696

So I quilted a feather wreath in the center of the 4 HST that come together and I quilted swirls to fill in the square on point with a little flower in the center. I wrapped it all up with a feather. IMG_5700 IMG_5699 IMG_5698

You might be able to see the designs on the back a bit better?

Thanks Nancy! It’s always a pleasure working with you!

One thought on “Frenchy and Some Mosaics

  1. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Amazing!

    The mosiac is so pretty for my SIL and the FG is STUNNING beyond words!!! I do believe it is going to end up in my guest room… so that means I have to get busy and make something else for my MIL I can’t possibly give to one and not the other.

    Thanks again! I can’t wait to see these in person!

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