Freebird By MoMo

God is in everything!
Stitched border

Well finally I was able to quilt one of my own quilts!

I actually got out of the bin…. Thinking I would send it to Darby. And then I decided no…. I really just wanted to do this for myself.
I kept asking myself in the last two years (maybe year and a half) that it was done…. How would you quilt this?
And all I kept thinking.. was.. Why do you like it so much? The minute I saw this fabric… I bought it and had to put it together. I just did not have the heart to cut up that centerpiece of fabric….. Yup! It’s a cheater quilt.
All I did was add two borders.
I actually bought the fat quarter pack of this line because I loved it so much as well.
But getting back to this quilt… At the time that I made it … I was part of a quilting competition…. And the more quilts you completed, the more points you got.

So some of the other women were not happy that I was trying to pass off the cheater quilt…ha!
What I lacked in piecing…. I just made up for in quilting.

I decided the reason I loved this fabric so much…. Other than color, design.. And the whole feeling… Is the break up and all the texture. So I wanted to add to that.. I could only envision making all of that texture and items come alive with more texture.

I thought about doing ruler work… But decided I just wanted to do all freehand…. Because I wanted it to be relaxing for me…. It’s the end of the year. I get to do a project for myself… And I’ve just been slowly working on it while working on other people’s quilts.

While working on it… Of course I’m reflecting… As I do with most quilts that I work on… I pray. I quilt…and think about so many different things…. I decided to add some words….. I had some key areas that I thought would benefit… Sort of hidden things that would appeal to me…. I even put my initials in there… Like an artist signs their paintings….

My Middle name is Hope. I also gave Clarissa my middle name. She just realized at Christmas that we had the same middle name. She loves it. So she asked “Mom did you write hope in there?”…I said “yes” So she was on the hunt to find it. I think it’s our new thing. Just me and her. I love that too! I hoep it always stays that way.

anyway….here are the pictures…. I quilt of this pretty heavily… Because it’s mine..and I can..and it will probably hang on the wall rather than be cuddled with…….

I hope you all like it.

5 thoughts on “Freebird By MoMo

  1. You really made it come alive! I can’t believe it’s not pieced – sure fooled me – it looks like applique. It’s as much a quilt as anything pieced, so don’t you worry about it not qualifying! It is simply spectacular (as are all your quilts!)

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