Frantic Friday…

Well I keep getting mixed up on my days….we are so out of sync around here..Rob only worked two days this week, The kids were home early every day for half-days….and we are on holiday today.

So we went to the store last night and Purchased Rob’s new TV. I was wanting to cry when I ran the card through the scanner…LOL. The boys were laughing.

But they did finish painting the family room, put up the trim and it looks so nice. We just need to get the rest of the junk out and organized..but we are waiting for the new computer desk to come …so the room can be all set up.

So it’s 80% ready.

So the upstairs living room is currently housing all of Clarissa’s bedroom furniture and toys…the carpet is ripped out…and the boys are going to finish painting it…flooring tomorrow. YAY. Then we will put her room back together.
I had mentioned to Rob last night that we may have enough flooring left to also replace the floor in the down stairs bathroom….So I think we will eventually paint and lay the new flooring in there as well…but I may have to wait a bit on that.

It’s so nice in our new family room though..I am happy with the changes already. I can already tell that I will love having the living room …to entertain my friends and not be worried about the house being dirty all the time because they now have room to spread out and live…

Clarissa and Preston made pumpkin bread today…Bryce and I made a pumpkin dump cake….it looks so yummy…..I hope it turns out. Stroganoff for dinner…I am getting ready to finish a quilt…so I better get back.
Have a great day!

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