For the LOVE of Purple

Susan sent this to’s for a highschool graduate that LOVES purple….but doesn’t like girly old lady quilts.


Have you heard of such a thing?

So when I quilted it I chose to use swirls in the big blocks..andwavy lines across the rest of it…..I have to say I LOVE it. The effect is so great….I had to think about it for awhile before coming up with this design combo..and I am glad I did.There is a quilt adn a pillow sham.

Susan liked it and gave it her stamp of approval! hehe


One thought on “For the LOVE of Purple

  1. My gosh girl, 5 posts today? I’ve never even done that many in a week!

    We’ll be thinking of you at breakfast. Let us know how your grandma is. Will pray.

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