Food Quilt for a Foodie

I have shared my personal story of having a brother that I have connected with this past year. He was adopted and found us through a locator agency. I have been blessed ever since…he is married with 2 children.

So I have a sister in law and a nephew and a niece. 🙂 My heart swells. It’s only right that they each get a quilt from their favorite ( I labeled myself that). But in all honestly all of the people in my family and my close friends have gotten quilts from me so I knew I wanted to gift them quilts for this first Christmas. They live in CA so I don’t get to celebrate holidays with them in person. So I made a quilt for each of them….

This one is for my Brother. He is a chef and we both have “food” issues. We struggle with our weight and we have bonded over many things….that being one of them. In fact we are pretty much twins….it’s amazing how much we have in common….more times than not we have the same answers for things. I knew when I saw this kit at my LQS ( I think they still have a few kits available…if you are interested…their number is 509-754-8280….and they will ship anywhere) that I was going to make this quilt for him…I added the black border and used minky on the back to make it more cozy. I quilted a simple loop design …but did quilt in a special message in the quilt for him. 🙂

 I don’t have pictures of the other quilts…because I forgot to take pictures of one before I sent them…December is a busy month for me…and I didn’t take pictures of several quilts.

But I wanted to share this just because it was really one of the highlights of my 2016 year…meeting my brother and connecting with him. and I wanted to remember this memory…:) His family loves them and that makes my heart swell.




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