Flying Geese Diamonds

I really -really need to start finishing up some of my projects…so this is a start of 4th quarter challenge for myself….I want to post a completed project every Sunday….I really -really need to challenge myself to do this so that I can feel good about starting new things …and cleaning out some of my bins in the studio. So keep me accountable. please.


Do you all go to the Missouri star Quilt company site? You- tube channel ? OH MY WORD!! I got the APP. I love my smart phone…I am not sure how people lived before phones……( I mean I did….but what a life!) anyway I downloaded that app and they post a new pattern every week to watch…..I love that! This is one that they posted a few weeks back ( or more) anyway that particular week my machine went out so I couldn’t quilt until Rob got home from work to fix it….

934 935

It really is frustrating when my machine breaks down….but why not relieve some stress by sewing up a quick quilt.  I had a layer cake in my stash by Sweetwater called “crush” or First crush or something like that….and I had to add a few more squares to get the right size ect in the quilt. I just pulled from my stash. …along with white fabrics.

936 937 938

It was so fun to put together….I like the 3-D effect of the blocks and the quilting just helped that along really well.

939 940 941Here’s the back:


I love-LOVE-love their tutorials and now they are even easier to access. I can’t even tell you how many quilts i have made from their tutorials…you’ll see a few more…but I started using those tutorials several years ago….but I seem to access them even more now that I have them on my phone.

Check it out ( I am not affiliated with them in any way…just a fan of their work!)

I hope you have a great Sunday!



3 thoughts on “Flying Geese Diamonds

  1. That is so pretty Dear, MSQC is great I watch the videos and get the magazines. Now all I need is the time to start a couple . Hubby is sick and we have been in and out of the ER for the last 3 or 4 weeks now , so by the time I get home just to tired to do anything. But I just love to see what you are doing , Keep up the good work on your journey All your pictures of yourself are wonderful. I fear I have regain some but will work on it before it gets out of hand.
    Love ,hugs to you

  2. Love it – great colors! I watch the videos frequently, but have only made one or two quilt (tops), really should make more since I have a ton of pre-cuts! Thanks for the inspiration.

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