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Well I have shared with you all a few of the Round Robin quilts that I have received back from my group..or quilted for a  few of my group members.



This is another one from my local group. I absolutely adore this quilt. When we started our group Marcia just bought a group of fabrics that she liked…  She chose the piece that she wanted in the center and then put it in the robin. I happened to be the first one to get her stack. She said I could cut the main piece to whatever size I wanted …and I could add whatever I wanted in the center…..


IMG_9629 IMG_9630

So to start everyone off I cut out & appliqued the bird cage on to the center and added the piano keys.  Then Cindi later on added the birds that are flying free from the cage. She also added the quote that says ” The caged bird dreams of a strong wind that will flow beneath her wings”

IMG_9627 IMG_9628 IMG_9626



So perfect!

I think everyone did an AMAZING job on this quilt! Marcia is so blessed!

I think we have a really good group. Thanks a bunch for looking. The front photos don’t show the quilting all that well…but you can see all the thread on the back. 🙂


IMG_9632 IMG_9633 IMG_9634

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