Flowers In The Attic Review

If you were an 80’s child you had some knowledge of Flowers in the Attic (FITA). I read the whole series. I am not sure I would let my teenagers read this series of books or any of the other VC Andrews series ( of which I read all of). My Bio-Mom was a reader and had these on the shelf….so I read them. I also started reading Danielle Steel at the same time. My freshman year. By the end of my sophomore year I had read all of the VC Andrews series.

This was pretty edgy material at the time…before that I had only read Judy Blume’s “Are you there God? It’s me,  Margaret.” Another Judy Blume book Called “Forever” that was meant for older girls It talked about losing your virginity and the expectations. I was in junior high.I remember being horrified because I was reading it at my grandparents house and my grandfather grabbed the book from me and read a page out happened to be the sex scene. I was mortified. I got the “sex talk” from my grandma that night. My grandma had convinced me that her and grandpa were too old to have “relations”…mind you they were in their 40’s at the time. LOL. she just knew I was totally grossed out at the thought and was being kind to me.  I also read a book called “Go Ask Alice”. All of which I thought were all very  “grown-up” for me. LOL I actually read a lot…but I was more into teen dramas. 🙂


They are all twisted with dark, evil themes. Not like Dracula or gore….but evil people and almost every series has incest…Which makes me wonder about the Author ( and also pseudo?  Author. ….what is the fascination…personal experience? I am not sure.) So naturally I watched the first movie after I had read the books. It was a disappointment. It didn’t follow the book hardly at all. There were lots of changes.
So naturally when I heard Lifetime was doing a movie and the info surrounding it stated that they were following the book closer than the movie. I was curious.

I watched it. I have to say at this point the other movie was better. Here is a picture from the original with Christy Swanson:FITA 2

I think that the lifetime movie did follow the book in some ways. But the problem was that we couldn’t relate to any of the people.  The characters were flat and one dimensional. We had no idea why Cathy & Christopher were engaging in sexual behaviors? Or why they had the relationship…it’s like everything personal or meaningful was left out. We had no idea why Christopher was hanging on to his mom’s every word and believing her. I am not a fan of Heather Graham anyway….I have never seen a stellar performance from her…this is pretty much the same. She is so fake that you wonder how the kids were ever even attached to her in the first place or trusted her?

So if you haven’t seen the movie yet and you were thinking it would be a flashback to your childhood read…Don’t waste your time. You can’t get the 90 minutes back.  Just my two cents worth.




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