Flower Samples

Karin sent this quilt along with the one I showed a few days ago…..Can you imagine how a gasped when I saw these in the box? So pretty!

007Each block is a work of art….and it’s machine embroidery and applique. When I get a quilt like this is makes me want to learn how to use the embroidery unit on my machine. I know…I have had it for almost 3 years and I have never taken the time to learn…I am crazy! I am terrible at taking the time to learn new things….I am probably to young to have that type of attitude….but I have a love hate relationship with technology.( while I sit here on a blog?)


I quilted leaves in the sashings and framed it in with a feather in the border.

008 009 010Karin wanted lighter type quilting in the blocks….so I did simple designs and just switched them up to mix up textures.

012 013 014This is a HUGE quilt….like king size…which just makes it that much more beautiful because you know that so much work went into it.

016 There is so much to see and even the back has a panel of leftover blocks:

017 018

Thanks Karin! It’s always a pleasure working with you! I will send another box soon. 🙂

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Flower Samples

  1. You couldn’t possible love it as much as I do!! It was definitely a labor of love, and kept me going for a year! It was pretty when I sent it to you, but your quilting is what made it stunning! Don’t worry about not using your embroidery unit – I didn’t either….yup, that puppy was all done by machine, but manually. Every little twist and turn was done by me…that’s what took it so darned long! hehe…

    I am looking forward to another box – I can’t wait to play with someone else’s scraps this time! Thanks for always bringing out the best in my work!

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