Flower Patches

So I have decided that every Sunday would be a day to display one of my own completed quilts. I need to finish some of my own quilts for the “to be quilted Bin”


This quilt was actually another one of those “yard sale finds” …I went to a quilt show years ago and there was a stack of quilt blocks in a bag. No pattern…no idea….and not many. I liked the focus fabric….and The blocks were not “perfect” …but I thought I could still use them and make a great quilt.  There were 12 blocks….I could have made a small lap quilt…but why?


Instead I made 17 snowball blocks to set them against and pieced a border to go with them.


I am not exactly sure why I have waited so long to quilt it? It didn’t take me very long….and I love the big flower blocks. I tried to quilt a different flower in each big snowball to give it some glitter.


Here are the yard sale blocks that I bought:

717 718

Some of the different flower I made up as I went along:

719 720 721 722

Once again I just had fun completing a project made from orphan blocks that someone else discarded. I am pretty happy with this and feel a sense of relief in some way…..that now these orphans have a sense of belonging. I know it’s an inanimate object….but for me quilts are alive and have so much meaning to me.

723 724

So I feel a double sense of accomplishment because this was years in the making and now it’s done.

Thanks so much for your continued support.

Many blessings



3 thoughts on “Flower Patches

  1. Oh Charisma, you did a fantastic job on those “orphans” !!!! I absolutely love it.
    And I agree that quilts are alive- they tell great stories 🙂

  2. Turned out to be a lovely quilt! Never know what you will find in someone else’s discarded work.
    You finished it off with the beautiful squares….I love it.

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