Flower Medallions


My pictures don’t give this quilt justice. Annette’s mom embroidered all of these flower themes medallions and they are just beautiful.

Annette set them in snowball blocks & 9 patches. It created such a beautiful quilt in those 1930’s fabrics.

165 166 167Such beautiful colors and great work! I love that when she embroiders she uses thick strands of floss. I do the same thing ( mostly) because I think if I am going to do all of that work I want my stitches to be seen.


I quilted all over Charisma curls ( going around the hand work) and let this garden speak for itself.




169 170Thanks Annette!

I hope you all have wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Flower Medallions

  1. Wow, the piecing showcases the needlework and the quilting makes it spectacular. Love the colors and the backing. Very beautiful.

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