Flower Garden By Mike

So I have the pleasure of working with Mike..who is an up and coming designer. 🙂 He designs all of his quilts. He loves batiks and each one of these flowers is very detailed and has several colors to create this “painting.” It’s so amazing.

I quilted pebbles to keep everything very organic looking. Then in the frames I quilted a few different designs just to give a few different textures and then framed them in with leaves. There is a feather in the outer border to bring it all together,,,plus I know Mike really loves feathers.

Each flower has amazing detail.

Here is the back:

This is a queen size quilt and it took forever….but it is so worth it! It’s so beautiful.

Thanks Mike!



3 thoughts on “Flower Garden By Mike

  1. This is beautiful for sure and the setting is fantastic. As always your quilting has enhanced what was already gorgeous!

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