Flock of Birds

Terry sent this quilt for LAQ. She actually doesn’t live to far from me? Well driving it’s a few hours..:).IMG_3863 IMG_3864

It’s always fun to see where the quilts come from….we still have a few states we need to tack on the map. IMG_3862 IMG_3861

Anyhow….I quilted this a few days ago..well technically last year 2012. :)I wanted to break up each bird and make them different by adding a different quilting design….Terry didn’t want anything to “girly” or flourishy quilted as it’s a manly quilt. So I kept everything manly. 🙂 I quilted lines in border because I wanted to bring out the border design that was already there..so I just mimicked the same lines. IMG_3860 IMG_3859

Love the warm colors, her piecing is fantastic and now these birds are ready to fly home. IMG_3865

BLessings Terry! It was a pleasure working with you.

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