Flannel Leaves

IMG_7981Noni made this quilt for a friend of her daughter. It’s a healing quilt in a time of need. So if we could send prayers & good vibes this way that would be appreciated.

Noni used her flannel scraps…..I must say there are a lot of flannels in this quilt. WOW! Such a variety.IMG_7982

It’s beautiful & soft. The great thing about flannel is that is just gets softer after it’s washed. She used cotton batting as well..which will give it the vintage crinkle look after it’s washed. Beautiful.IMG_7983

The back has a bunch of different leaves …several of the scraps have different leaves on the fabric as well. So I quilted all over laves to make a theme of it. It turned out great and I know it will be loved & used.IMG_7984

Thanks Noni! Always a pleasure.IMG_7985

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