First Day of School 2014



This was the first year that I didn’t drive all of my kids to school. This is the first time that we have drivers on the first day of school. It’s bittersweet.

This is the year I have been talking about since my children first started school….I knew there would be one year when all of my boys would be in high school all at once. 4 boys in one school. *sigh*




This marks the beginning of an end of an era. If I get ahead of myself and think about this time next year my heart gets really heavy because that means another one has left the nest. So I won’t think ahead. I won’t think ahead.I WON’T think ahead. I have to LIVE in the now.

This next one is a good one..they are laughing. If any of you know what it’s like to be around these guys…you know that the only reason they are all laughing & smiling is because they were making fun of me. I guess in order to get a good photo I will take that hit.



I was thinking that I would take full body shots so they can see their clothes later on. I am hoping some of these fads go away. So these will be great for the grandkids to make fun of later. *wink*


Bryce started his senior year. We have one session of his Senior pics done. I will share those later.


Carl is in his junior year of high school but also starts his freshman year of college. He is doing both at the same time.


Cole -Sophomore year


Preston- Freshman year


Clarissa Hope – 6th grade {diva}


Well it’s a new beginning. I am excited to get back into a routine after this whacky summer. So much has changed since last year at this time.  It doesn’t seem that long ago. I am sure I will feel the same way this time next year. My kids are growing so fast. I am incredibly proud of them.




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