Felted Women

It’s finally finished!






This is a Sue Spargo “Inspired” project. A friend of mine took a Sue Spargo class and then came up with a design and taught a class. I signed up for said class..only went to a few of the sessions. I got busy and there sat my project for a few years.




It’s wool except the back ground and border fabric. The border fabric I was unsure about…..thinking I should have gone with an understated gray I had with it….I couldn’t decide…..so I am thinking I will make another project like this. Maybe not exactly like this…but I really enjoyed it once I got my groove.

I didn’t know very many embroidery stitches….and I kept getting stumped as I picked it up to work on it because I didn’t want the same 3 stitches that I knew……Now that I am part of the Needle & Thread society at my LQS….I have been working on a stitched sampler & learning lots of new stitches. Plus I bought a Sue Spargo book so I could maybe catch on to a few more.







So after I finished my wool BOM and my stitch sampler…I decided to pull this out and see how far I could get before my next class. …I finished it! YAY!  I feel like it was a BIG accomplishment for me. All of those hand projects that I start and keep for years ….unfinished. Now I am finishing them…..and starting new ones. I am having more faith in myself that I will get them done.

SO yes It’s all done my hand ( except the borders & quilting of course)…I did it all by myself. LOL IMG_9605

I chose the word…and I have told you all many times why the word “hope” comes up in many of my personalized projects. The short story is that it’s Mine & Clarissa’s middle name. …so she will have tons of stuff with her middle name on it when I die….LOL. I don’t care for my first name….and my Grandma is the one who chose my middle name…..:)



Thanks so much for looking! Many blessings




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