Felted Women

Felted Women is a class that Beth & signed up for several years ago. It was a pattern designed by my friend Virginia after she took a Sue Spargo class. So it is a Sue Spargo “inspired” project. As designers we like to give credit where credit is due.  But it is a pattern that Virgina came up with and she taught us in the class.

It was my first time ever working with wool ..and it was my first attempt at learning new embroidery stitches. I say that loosely because I didn’t go to most of the classes. I was in love with the project but I just didn’t have enough “down-time” to commit. So my project sat with only 2 rows appliqued on…and no stitching…until I felt confident enough after attending the Needle & Thread society at my LQS. You can see my version of Felted Women ->here.




The thing with this pattern is that we just get the foundation & Layout……after that it is all about layering and embroidery in a way that meets your skill level and design process. I was learning a lot during the process of making my project…and I have worked on a few more embroideries in between mine and Beth’s. Beth is new to the embroidery scene as well. Then after she started this project she took on a full-time job…so she only had a few appliques glued on….the first two rows..and she hadn’t dedicated any time to it other than the 2 classes she took… ( it was a 5 month series, I think). So after I finished mine..I offered to finish hers…it even took her awhile to find it …she thought maybe she had thrown it away ( travesty! )…..so when she found it she gave it to me and I finished it for her. Isn’t it pretty?



It looks so different than mine even though I made them both. I used her supplies ( well as much as she had)  to complete hers..because he color ways are different….it was much darker …so that was difficult for me. I don’t even have darker colors of thread. no joke. So I did add some brighter colored thread…I didn’t really have a choice. I needed variety. But I felt it was ok because the bird she had appliqued was pretty bright…so in order to make it all work….it was better to add some brights. Her background was also a woven burlap sort of thing?? I have no idea but it was really unraveling. But it was good to work with..I had chosen canvas for mine..which was difficult to work with. I really like using a linen background for those backgrounds the best ( I have learned).




I have made a few start-to-finish projects for Beth because she binds all of my quilts. We are supposed to do that in “trade” . So I would long arm her quilts or let her come use my machine…..however, she doesn’t sew as much anymore…..and when she does she is binding…which isn’t fun ( for me anyway). I don’t give her timelines or anything. She likes binding…she doesn’t like the “creative” process as much. She likes to follow a pattern and kits to make quilts. So she can know what it looks like before she makes it. So when she has something she needs finished…or made. I will step in to help her if its a project she isn’t up to finishing. It’s a good system because I really dislike binding. I also made over 100 projects this year…and she did all of the binding. 🙂 or she is working on it. 🙂

So Beth’s last name is Yonko …which fit into line number 4 perfectly. At the beginning of our classes Virginia told us to think of a word we would want to use on that line…Beth’s last name fit perfectly so that’s what I went with. That means it has to stay in the family.  🙂



Then I just added a darker plain border because Beth is going to hang it in her living room. With is all neutral type colors. So I had to choose something that would frame it in. Then I pebble quilted it and added those swirls in the border. It’s all finished. I have another project of hers to work on….and  I have had it for months. I was stumped on it and I finally came up with a plan to start.

I hope you all have a great week!



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