Felicia’s Frogs

Felicia sent a couple of quilts for LAQ> I have been slowly but surely getting caught up…I always say that right?>

Well the last one is here …finally I shipped them out already…but wanted to share the pictures…as I have gotten to know Felicia and talk with her we have much in common. I feel such a connection to so many people I meet through quilting it is amazing to me..but also it just makes me think: This is all part of God’s plans for me…and I love this part of my job.

Thanks Felicia!

One thought on “Felicia’s Frogs

  1. No…Thank you!

    Clearly you have a magnetic personality…so strong that you have the ability to touch and inspire people from miles and miles away! I look forward to seeing what you have been up too. That is certainly a gift and part of a higher plan.

    I am so lucky that our paths have crossed and can’t wait to send you something else. 🙂

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