Farmer’s Market


I actually finished this back in August for the quilt show. I really wanted to finish this gigantic quilt for the quilt show because……this quilt was finished by me but I didn’t start it. In fact I don’t know who started it.


You all know how crazy romantic I am…and for some reason even though I have enough of my own Wip’s and UFO’s for some reason I love to finish other people’s. It’s all about the dream & fantasy of the whole thing. I can dream about how, why , when the person before me started these blocks and think about them the whole time I am turning them into a quilt.


I have no idea what the original pattern looked like….or where it came from. At the Wenatchee quilt show they have a “Guild yard sale” every year at the show where guild members donate items to sell…and the money goes back into the guild. This happens to be a huge guild with 200 & something members. So not everyone knows each other.

086 085

I am not part of this guild but I quilt for several members and I have done speaking engagements. It’s a nice guild with friendly members.


Anyway I bought these blocks last year at the guild yard sale …..there was no name…no pattern…..but the bag said “30 blocks- 29 finished”

087 088

So there were the pieces and design traced for the 30th block….I thought to myself: I can finish this quilt. It’s not my typical style. I don’t even know how to date it. I just thought it was charming and I didn’t want to leave the blocks for some reason.

The blocks are hand appliqued, embroidered and painted with fabric. I didn’t have fabric paint…..and I didn’t have the proper ribbon to applique on the top of the I just winged some things to make it work. Here is my block:

082 I used crayons and embroidered it. So it looks a bit different but not terrible. I actually like that it looks a bit different because it tells part of the story of this quilt. Even if nobody knows why later on….and it gives it some mystery….except the label will tell the story. haha!

089 090 So I also just used stash to bring this quilt together. I didn’t buy anything to finish it. And it’s huge! The blocks were on point and the only way to use ALL 30 blocks was to put them in a setting of 50…so I used the white blocks to set them in between the fruit & veggie blocks. which means this just became a HUGE king sized quilt …and I used the colors I had on hand to make it all work….and I was actually really happy with the end result. I probably wouldn’t have Chosen those colors and I am glad I didn’t go buy anything because I am really pleased with the orange and purple. But I used most of all the 30’s fabrics that I had in my stash.

088 089 090

I was hoping that the person who donated the blocks would be able to make it to the show and see the quilt was finished. But nobody fessed up or asked me….so I am not sure. I hope if they did see it that they liked it and felt pleased that the blocks now have a home and they are complete.


I quilted feather wreaths & swags. Leaves in the background and loops around the blocks.

092 093

So another UFO is complete and a  fantasy is now released….to be free.

Thanks you for letting me share my story.

These fruits and veggies created a happy time in my studio ….healthy in more than one way aren’t they?

I hope you find a bit of happiness in every day moments.

Blessings for you today.


One thought on “Farmer’s Market

  1. I just love it!! So glad you finished this hate seeing unfinished work and these are very cute blocks. Very spring time. I used to live in Mattawa and always wanted to come by your shop your work is beautiful! Oh well am in Maine now so a little far to travel. Love your work 🙂

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