Family Updates

This is a personal post. 🙂

Well things are just moving along here.

Rob is working many hours but he did happen to get Friday & today off. So we spent some time shopping at home depot for house projects. Then  he had to get new tires for the “Avacardo” and take Preston to Ritzville to meet his dad.

We had to make some adjustments on the Veggie garden. When I originally blocked it off….I had plenty of room to add dirt and level it out, with the boards still being higher than the dirt.  Well we had so much extra dirt the kids kept piling it in there and it eventually got higher then my landscaping boards. So then when I watered it would flow down into the dip in our driveway. What a mess that created. I am not sure why they didn’t level our driveway when they originally poured it ( we inherited it like that) but that dip has been a constant thorn in our side. It is apparently pretty costly to fix it. So we are stuck with it.  Anyway My step dad said we should make it higher….so we did. I didn’t want to go all the way around because it’s level at the front where the mailbox and what not is….so  Rob got some rebar and a huge drill bit to stabilize it all. IMG_9166

That’s our neighbors house & car behind the garden. This is on the side of our driveway in a space we weren’t using. as you can see my tomatoes have gone crazy!IMG_9169

I got some colorful cages at home depot….I had never seen those bright colors..thought they were fun. 🙂

So the topsy turvy tomatoes started out going crazy…..but have kind of plateaued. It’s good to see the difference in progress of growing them right by each other. The strawberries seem to have new berries on them every day ready to pick. But not enough to really make anything because Roo goes out to eat them before anyone can get to them. LOL Perfectly ok with me. I would rather her enjoy the fruit of the labor so that she will be out there  eating healthy learning how to grow her own someday with her own kids.

IMG_9170I have tomatoes everywhere….they are all going to ripen quickly and I will be making lots of salsa & tomato sauce to freeze.

Here are some more shots of the veggies & extras. These are the sunflowers. In the back. I just wanted them to create a hedge around the garden. IMG_9173

The corn is doing really well:IMG_9172

Then I think these are melons or pumpkins? IMG_9171


The green beans & onions are doing really wellIMG_9167

Cabbage & lettuceIMG_9168

It’s been hot or miss with some things. SO I am learning alot.

I also had some Easter Lillies and Mums bloom this weekIMG_9174 IMG_9175


So Carl Started working on Thursday. He has to work 15 hour days….driving a combine. They are harvesting peas right now. He actually smells like peas when he gets home. He likes the work…he will like it even more after he gets his paycheck. He seems to be doing well. I think we were worried foe several reasons…(which I already talked about) but also having to work so many hours in one day for 4 days straight ….is difficult but he’s handling it all OK.

Bryce & Cole passed all of their trainings. They are certified life guards. Pretty proud.

Clarissa is also taking some of the older boys chores so they are paying her. It’s called the trickle effect.  So now she has a summer job. She is also starting her new Dog treat business. We are going to write about that later.

Preston has his interview to be a camp counselor on Sunday or Monday. He’s really excited. He will ear money for that. He’s turning into such a tall handsome guy. He’s also taking odd jobs weeding for several people and they always tell me how nice & polite he is. I am pretty proud of him as well. He’s officially taller than I am ..and he is growing like crazy!

So today I have my Needle & Thread society club at the LQS. I love that class. I love the way my stitched sampler is turning out. Tons of fun.

Another update that I want to write about because I just want to remember it and get the timeline straight later is that I have a new member of my family.   A new to me family member I should say. My family is crazy and you just never know what to expect. I have come to terms with the fact that between my mother, grandparents ect there are so many marriages and  people…there is no way for anyone to keep it straight. But My grandfather who I grew up with and treated me very well….had a family in between my grandmother (1st wife) and the grandmother(his 3rd wife) that I grew up with.  He had 3 children that he left behind. Twin boys and a girl. The girl who is about 10 years older than I am has made contact. She was actually looking for her dad..and didn’t know he had passed. I feel terrible for her. (my mother was asked to put an obit in the paper so that his other family would know..but she refused). Anyway she has come into a family of brokenness…I have no idea what she must think? I think maybe if I was her I would run away as far as possible…lol. But curiosity killed the cat , right?  So I spent some time talking with her. Found a few pictures of my grandpa and tried to give her some pieces of her own puzzle so she may know who helped create her. It makes me think of those terrible times in my life and my grandparents bringing us happiness. They couldn’t do anything about our mother…but they could bring us happy experiences. Ice capades, parades, hearty meals, fairs, Christmas……so many good things. My grandpa always told me he loved me. He had faults for sure….but at the heart of him was a a good man that loved.  I have the unique experience of growing up with him in my life…so I knew him differently and wanted to share that.  I have to admit my first gut reaction was to not say anything……or reach out because well my family is embarrassing. It’s difficult to say My mother is whacko, my siblings are in and out of prison for horrible things and I am estranged because I don’t agree with their life styles. But in the end that is not honoring to my grandfather who did the best he could to make things better in the only way he knew how. So I have to let the chips fall where they may and open my heart up to new opportunities to love someone that my grandfather can no longer love in this world. That will be his legacy. 🙂


I hope you all have a blessed week!

I gotta get in some work before my club meets.






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