Family Reunion Memories

Valerie is semi local….well she is in WA state anyway. 🙂IMG_8056

She sent this and asked for water type designs in the blue and outlining of the hand prints.

I think this quilt is so AWESOME. To have this type of family I wouldn’t even know what it’s like to go to a family reunion and want to be there much less have a smile and pose for a picture. It looks as if this is a regular event in this family. I hope to have this some day with my own kids. IMG_8055

Such memories documented..and now it can be displayed or cuddled with ..well that is just precious. honestly. I think everyone should have one. 🙂IMG_8054

I got to meet each member of the family as all of the hand prints were labeled..some of them over lapped each other..I also thought that was beautiful…because it’s a family…that’s the way it is supposed to be. I think this family is very blessed. IMG_8057

Thanks Valerie for giving me a peak into your family. Many blessings


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