Family Photos 2013

A few weeks ago we have a family photo session. I have 6 children…but as many of you know…one left home and she isn’t contacting us regularly. SO we forged ahead with out her. 🙂

The photo session was really kind of “organic” if you will. Yes they are posed …not candid shots..(of course) but the organic part is that we didn’t go scouting for most of the poses and locations. My boys had wiggles ( as I call them) and while we were trying to figure out what to do next…they would climb all these trees and I would go t o tell them to come on…lets get grouped up…I would see that they had actually found a great shot..this happened several times. 🙂 Their wiggles paid off for once.


So this is my favorite family pic. The boys had climbed that tree and we took their photos…then we stood beneath them. This was about 10 minutes into the shoot…and my fav!


Clarissa kills most of the shots she can not for the life of her have a normal face.


So those are all of the family shots. I could go on about my weight and how I hate photos of myself. But it’s where I am at this moment and I just need to embrace it. I have so many blessings that I am thankful for.

Then the next batch of pics is of the Men in out family: IMG_1049Carl is the one with blonde curly hair and dark stripes.  Cole has the colorful stripes and matching tennis shoes. Bryce is in plaid. Preston is in gray stripes. Of course Rob is in the middle.

IMG_0928IMG_0928bwIMG_1011 IMG_1015 IMG_1018 IMG_1020

Kids ONLY photos:IMG_0935 IMG_0937IMG_0948 IMG_0948e


Daddy & Daughter (mom & Daughter didn’t turn out) IMG_0938 IMG_0940 IMG_0944

Just Clarissa IMG_1031

Mom & Boys:IMG_0996 IMG_0993

Lastly Mom & Dad ( I love these): IMG_0952_pp IMG_0970_pp



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