Falling Leaves for Deb

Deb has been working on many fall themed projects…I can’t say I blame her…I love fall! I love everything about fall…the rich colors, the smells, the cooler crisp clean air…..cinnamon, apples, pumpkins….In fact my family is going to the Apple festival…there is apple dumpling..YUMMY! punkin donuts….music, corn maze…kettle corn. Yes…all of that working out I have been doing is just going to go down the drain in one day..I am pretty sure. But it will be worth it!


This is one of those OBW quilts…I think that is the term right? I love them..they take a fabric and completely change everything about it. Always interesting to look at. This one is a beautiful fall themed pattern. I quilted all over leaves and framed it in with a leaf border. IMG_0366The back shows the quilting a bit.


She also made a few table runners….Can we talk Turkey for a minute?

IMG_0347How cute is this guy? ADORBS!

IMG_0346 IMG_0345Then the Sunflower beauty:

IMG_0343 IMG_0344

Everything was great Deb!

Thanks so much! Always a pleasure working with you!



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