Fall Stars and Pinwheels


It’s difficult to see that the fabrics in these quilts are fall themed. Jill sent these and she is a seasoned quilter and always does a beautiful job. I am so blessed to work with the nicest of people.


The stars were quilted with continuous curves, flowers, leaves and framed in with a fern.

032 033 034 035 036 037

The colors are great the pattern showcases them well along with the quilting.

The Pinwheels are quilts with a swirl and feather plumes…and swirling ribbons. Framed in with leaves.

026 027

I wanted to quilt the positive & negative blocks differently so they would stand out.

028 029 030

Thanks Jill! Always a pleasure to see what you have made and to work with you.


I know these are being displayed beautifully this fall in your home. Happy Fall Y’all!



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