Fall Floral Bouquet

Lori sent this quilt..all the florals are these rich fall type colors…Which I love.

Lori loves small pieces…you have seen many of her quilts before..she send me quilts pretty regularly and she is also the one who pieced “Springtime at Ross” for all those that have been following the scrappy quilts.

Lori actually sent this for the boys to stipple with variegated thread. ..but I just couldn’t let them stipple this….so I put an all over type design of leaves and vines in the center…and feathered border with leaves and loops. It turned out lovely.

Thanks Lori!

2 thoughts on “Fall Floral Bouquet

  1. Such fabulous quilting!! Oh how I love your work. Its like Christmas morning getting to see your work on one of my tops!!
    THANK-YOU its perfect!

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