Fairfield World Batting

Today I just want to talk about some batting that I have come to appreciate and use on a regular basis.

Fairfield World…I have been combining lots of battings in my projects to test them out since I am  “Master Maker” for this company. You may have seen a few of my posts. 🙂

In fact they are looking for talent as we speak so here is a call for team members:

2017 Master Maker Design Team Call

I have used the batting in several projects and I will say that my most used combinations are the Soft & toasty and the wool. The wool is nice because it is pre-processed. It’s already preshrunk ect.

So here are just a few of my projects that include Fairfield battings:

This wool penny project uses 1 layer of soft & toasty batting.

This wool confetti project uses a layer of soft & toasty and a layer of wool batting to help bring out those quilty-designs:

This next wool penny project also uses a layer of soft & toasty and a layer of wool on top:


I have also used it on a bigger scale in my quilts:

This uses a layer of Fairfield’s 80/20 and a layer of wool. Can you see all of that quilty goodness? That’s why I like to layer.

I just wanted to share a few quilty good things today… I am hoping the weather permits so I can take a few pictures to share some more projects I have been working on lately.

I hope you all all surviving the crazy-crazy winter we are all experiencing.

Many blessings,



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