Fabulous Friday

No questions today. I forgot about it and I was gone all day so I didn’t even get pictures of quilts I completed yesterday before the sun went down. PHOOEY!

Bryce has been having a personal issue and today we completed 2 of the 6 appointments he has had concerning the issue. We were meeting with a surgeon today to get it fixed…but the surgeon said it’s not the right diagnosis.  So we were transferred to another specialist and had to hang around in Wenatchee today until we could get in this afternoon. So we made a Costco trip ( spendy$$) and went to lunch at a favorite spot, Red Robin.

OK I have to say that after all of this budgeting and eating cleaner…..and healthier ( for the most part) we all suffered after that meal. 1. we ate to much 2. It’s not healthy. So there was quite a lot of complaining. I said next time we eat out of town we are going to a sandwich place…or something because that food is still working on us.

We made it to the the next Dr. Who I feel at this point is actually willing to work with us to pinpoint some different issues and get to the bottom of the issue. So we have to go see some other providers and check back with him in a few months…to see if we indeed need to follow up with a  different surgery than what we had originally thought. What a mess. In the mean time …I also need to book his oral surgery. 🙂 We bought lots of pudding at Costco today. He will be eating lots of it.

Then on our way home…unbeknownst to us…they are having a seat belt campaign in Wenatchee…because two people died in car accidents recently. I hardly ever wear my seat belt…don’t ask me how many tickets I have gotten over the years…or even better yet how many times I have been pulled over for not wearing it…I couldn’t tell you. I think-> I am a slow learner. Rob was driving and we got pulled over because I wasn’t wearing my seat belt. The guy gave me a ticket. I am ticked off…but I know it’s the law and I should obey it….so I can only be ticked off at myself.  So I guess all of that money I saved at Costco? …I will be spending on a dang Ticket…easy come easy go. GRRRRR! It’s all my own fault.

We got home unpacked groceries…ran more errands and I finally just sat down. 🙂

Oh and the drawing for the raffle quilt was today. Annette won! I am so happy for her because she has supported every mission fundraiser I have done….and I am glad to see one of my blog followers actually win a quilt this time! SO YAY! I am sending the mission a check this week after all the donations roll in.

So now it’s time to make dinner..I will have plenty of pics to show tomorrow…I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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