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So this week started out with my HG scrappy quilt. I don’t even know where to start with counting yardage for that quilt. I actually made the blocks last year…so I am just going to wait and count backing & binding when I get around to making them.

But I did use up several yards of my Kona muslin for the QOV quilts. which I am also not going to count because I Am keeping track of the bolts I purchase. The year isn’t even half over yet. I have traded fabrics, been gifted fabrics and re-arranged my stash about 50 times. I have had to concede on some projects and make them with different fabrics than I would have if I had bought what I truly wanted. In the end I still feel good using what I have. I am thinking on doing this another year …depending on how much stash I have left. We will see what December looks like. I may have to change my rules a bit or stock up n a few key items that I know I will use. But I really think I could last another year with my stash. If I just look at my current stats and what I have left. It’s pretty unbelievable. Denial is a great thing while you are buying. But I am also thinking at some point I am going to have to quilt sewing ans start quilting some of these….and that might be what sustains me for a second year. I can spend a year just quilting what I have already made and let my stash marinate. LOL

I did make this table runner:IMG_8778 IMG_8779

I had a few extra points leftover from my Sisters Choice quilt. So I just cut some stash to complete the blocks and make a runner.   I am holding off on making backings for some of my recent quilts. I hate leaving them without backings……but I am getting to the point of not wanting to sacrifice yardage. At the rate I am quilting these (not) ….I think I can afford to wait and see what I need as I go. I think if I actually get to quilting some of my quilt tops I will have scraps from other backings so I can piece together a few more. …so that’s another good reason to wait.

Fabric Count 313.25 +1+8=322.25

1 yard for table runner

8 for Sister’s Choice quilt

Bolts I have purchased this year:


Black -3

White -3


Extra Wide Muslin -1


Personal finishes for 2014 (these are ones I made from start to finish):

1. Scrappy Squares (pieced & quilted)

2. Amy Scraps (quilted)

3. Scrappy 500 HST (quilted)

4. Soothing Gray quilt ( quilted)

5. Modern Monkey Baby (quilted)

6. Dresden Flowers (flimsy)

7. The Grinch Quilt  (quilted)

8. Mod Vintage Tablecloth quilt (quilted)

9. Scrappy Swoon (quilted)

10. Scrappy Owls (quilted)

11. Scrappy Postcards (quilted)

12. Double Delight (quilted)

13. Deep Sea Bubbles (quilted)

14. Red, black, white & gray Big & Bold (flimsy)

15. Scottie Dog Houses (flimsy)

16. 9 Patch Scrappy (flimsy)

17. Asterisk Quilt

18. Pumpkin Pie (quilted)

19. Baby quilt (whole cloth/cheater) pieced & quilted

20. Scrappy Jelly Race pieced & quilted

21. 2 Shopping Bags

22. Galleria (pieced)

23. Bubble wand quilt (quilted)

24. Charisma’s Flock of Birds (quilted)

25. Valentine Quilt (pieced)

26. Celtic Solstice Flimsie

27. Improv Charms Flimsie

28. 2 Hope quilts

29. Granny squares flimsie

30. Scrappy Sassy (Flimsy)

31. Scrappy Sassy (flimsy)

32. White Star Quilt (flimsie)

33. Gold Ring (flimsie)

34. 9 Patch Delight (flimsie)

35. 9 Patch City Planner (flimsie)

36. Everlastings quilt (flimsie)

37. Everlastings Wall-hanging (flimsie)

38. Favorite things (flimsie)

39. As for me & My house (flimsie)

40. Christmas Flurry (Flimsy)

41. Christmas 9 patch table runner (flimsie)

42. X’s & O’s (flimsie)


43. Hour Glass Quilt (Flimsie)

44. Sister’s Choice Table Runner (flimsie)

45. Sister Choice Quilt (flimsie)



Scrappy Trade Quilts Finished:

1. Harmony’s Soothing water quilt (Quilted)

2. Plaid Bouquet (quilted) Made by Annette

3. Snowman Advent Calendar (quilted) made by Karin

4. Snowman Welcome sign (quilted) Made by Karin

5. Squared Origins (quilted) Made by Harmony

6. That Thirties Thing (quilted)  Pieced By Annette ( will post this later today) Some pics are posted on Fb.

7. Wing It! Rectangled (quilted) pieced by Annette

8. Scrappy Origins (quilted) pieced by Harmony

9. Peaches & Cream (quilted) Pieced by Annette

10. A Tisket A Tasket (quilted) pieced by Nelle

11. Snowman Country (quilted) Pieced by Nelle

12. Table runner (quilted) Pieced by Harmony

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