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IMG_8197I have another hefty week of counts. I am not sure how it happened….I didn’t feel like I did a lot this week.  But every bit counts I guess. 30 minutes here & there. Somehow I managed to get lots of things done…weird. LOLIMG_8194

Anyway last weekend I was sorting through stash looking for backings and I found this cut of fabric. I pulled it out and I can’t remember why I got it originally…but I thought it would make a good baby quilt. I could just quilt the fabric like a wholecloth/cheater quilt and have a great baby quilt on hand. It’s always nice to have some baby quilts ready to go when you need them. I love the bright cheerful colors. So I quilted it late one night …very simply and later on if I wanted to….I could add an initial when I know who the quilt will be gifted to. Very simple & easy. Love those projects…and I get to add yardage to my count for this week YAHOO!  IMG_8195 IMG_8196

Fabric Count 121.25+1.5+1.75+1.5+8+1 =135 yards…yahoo!

1.5 yards for the front of baby quilt

1.75 yards for back of quilt

1.5 yards for backing of Tisket Tasket quilt

8 yards of fabric for Sticks & stones quilt ( front & back & binding)

1 yard for binding on two small quilts


Personal finishes for 2014 (these are ones I made from start to finish):

1. Scrappy Squares (pieced & quilted)

2. Amy Scraps (quilted)

3. Scrappy 500 HST (quilted)

4. Soothing Gray quilt ( quilted)

5. Modern Monkey Baby (quilted)

6. Dresden Flowers (flimsy)

7. The Grinch Quilt  (quilted)

8. Mod Vintage Tablecloth quilt (quilted)

9. Scrappy Swoon (quilted)

10. Scrappy Owls (quilted)

11. Scrappy Postcards (quilted)

12. Double Delight (quilted)

13. Deep Sea Bubbles (quilted)

14. Red, black, white & gray Big & Bold (flimsy)

15. Scottie Dog Houses (flimsy)

16. 9 Patch Scrappy (flimsy)

17. Asterisk Quilt


18. Pumpkin Pie (quilted)

19. Baby quilt (whole cloth/cheater) pieced & quilted

20. Scrappy Jelly Race pieced & quilted


Scrappy Trade Quilts Finished:

1. Harmony’s Soothing water quilt (Quilted)

2. Plaid Bouquet (quilted) Made by Annette

3. Snowman Advent Calendar (quilted) made by Karin

4. Snowman Welcome sign (quilted) Made by Karin

5. Squared Origins (quilted) Made by Harmony

6. That Thirties Thing (quilted)  Pieced By Annette ( will post this later today) Some pics are posted on Fb.

7. Wing It! Rectangled (quilted) pieced by Annette

8. Scrappy Origins (quilted) pieced by Harmony

9. Peaches & Cream (quilted) Pieced by Annette

That’s a total of 29 finished projects…..now doing this I wonder if I can break 100? or how long it will take me to break 100 of my own projects?

This week my Jelly roll bin was emptied, I have already emptied my 1.5 & 2 inch strip bins at the beginning of the year….and I had made so many quilts from my charm bin last year that is pretty low. You know which bins are full now? Fat quarters….I had even cut into those to make more charm squares for a few projects I am working on. But I found more. I used to buy single FQ’s all of the time…..for no reason. I quit doing that a while ago because I don’t like using FQ’s. Isn’t that strange? I will buy them as sets every now and again because a lot of times it’s the only way to get one piece of fabric from a  whole line….But I would rather buy half yard cuts or whole yard cuts. I just feel like FQ’s limit me. So unless I have a project in mind I don’t buy them anymore. I am pretty much getting that way with all pre-cuts…..just because I find myself not using them. Yardage-> I feel better about using. I am getting better about figuring out my stash…and I think it’s all just fitting into my life plan. I keep taking about living intentionally. This year my finances are starting to take shape because I need to be intentional about it…this fabric fast is helping me look at my stash in a different way. I need to buy more intentionally. Of course…..if things keep going the way they are…..maybe I need to be on a fabric fast for 2 years…seriously. I can’t believe how much yardage I have used already and  I haven’t even gotten into my “lines” of fabric.

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