Fabric Fast Stats 12/28/14

OK so this is my last post of the year. 🙂  I didn’t get 500 yards of fabric used….which is perfectly fine..I am really close. I did however make my 100 projects! YAHOO! This year has been such a learning experience. I did fudge a bit towards the end and bought a little here and there. Not that I am itching to buy the way I did before….it was for specific projects. I feel good about that. I need to stop buying just because……

I need to start managing my stash better and knowing what I will use and not use…and dwindle it down a bit more so it doesn’t get out of hand. 🙂

But I am making another post for a review and the new rules for 2015.

I am counting 100 projects finished…however it reflects that 9 of my own personal projects are not “quilted” yet. Some of them are quilted already I just haven’t photographed them…and some others aren’t most of them are in the line up…but I am counting them because a completed quilt top is an accomplishment for me. I have always counted them that way…..but majority of my projects are actually “complete” all the way through. I only have a few left to quilt. Even if I count my projects at 90…..I am proud of that!

I am hoping this year to catch up on quilting a bit more. I had a year of only quilting, no piecing. Then I had a year of mixing it up, now this year I pieced more than quilted ( it felt like) …so maybe this year I will focus on emptying my bins again. 🙂


Fabric Count   487 yards used +4+6 = 497 yards used this year!

I get to add 4 yards of fabric for Henrietta Whiskers……it was mostly scraps but not anything I had used or counted this year. I also say four as a conservative number.

I used 6 yards for the back of my Happy Glow Lantern quilt. ( which is pinned on the frame)


Bolts I have purchased this year:

Black -3

White -3


Extra Wide Muslin -1

I ended up with tons of yardage leftover from these bolts. Not muslin…I used all of that. But I have more than 1 bolt left of black….and gray. I of course have only half a bolt left of white. 🙂


Personal finishes for 2014 (these are ones I made from start to finish):

1. Scrappy Squares (pieced & quilted)

2. Amy Scraps (quilted)

3. Scrappy 500 HST (quilted)

4. Soothing Gray quilt ( quilted)

5. Modern Monkey Baby (quilted)

6. Dresden Flowers pieced & quilted

7. The Grinch Quilt  (quilted)

8. Mod Vintage Tablecloth quilt (quilted)

9. Scrappy Swoon (quilted)

10. Scrappy Owls (quilted)

11. Scrappy Postcards (quilted)

12. Double Delight (quilted)

13. Deep Sea Bubbles (quilted)

14. Red, black, white & gray Big & Bold Pieced & Quilted

15. Scottie Dog Houses Pieced & Quilted

16. 9 Patch Scrappy Pieced & quilted

17. Asterisk Quilt

18. Pumpkin Pie (quilted)

19. Baby quilt (whole cloth/cheater) pieced & quilted

20. Scrappy Jelly Race pieced & quilted

21. 2 Shopping Bags

22. Galleria (pieced)

23. Bubble wand quilt (quilted)

24. Charisma’s Flock of Birds (quilted)

25. Valentine Quilt pieced & quilted

26. Celtic Solstice pieced & Quilted

27. Improv Charms pieced & quilted

28. 2 Hope quilts Pieced & quilted

29. Granny squares flimsie ( this is actually quilted just haven’t photographed it yet)

30. Scrappy Sassy pieced & quilted

31. Scrappy Sassy Pieced & quilted

32. White Star Quilt (flimsie)

33. Gold Ring pieced & quilted

34. 9 Patch Delight pieced & quilted

35. 9 Patch City Planner (flimsie)

36. Everlastings quilt (flimsie)

37. Everlastings Wall-hanging (flimsie)

38. Favorite things pieced & quilted

39. As for me & My house pieced & quilted

40. Christmas Flurry pieced & quilted

41. Christmas 9 patch table runner pieced & quilted

42. X’s & O’s pieced & quilted

43. Hour Glass Quilt pieced & quilted

44. Sister’s Choice Table Runner pieced & quilted

45. Sister Choice Quilt pieced & quilted

46. Glow Happy Quilt (flimsie) ( this is pinned on…I just pieced the back)

47. Winter’s Lane table runner pieced & quilted

48. Beth’s Graduation quilt (pieced & quilted)

49. Round Robin quilt – quilted

50. Spool pieced & quilted

51. Spool Pieced & quilted

52. City Planner (flimsie)

53. Over the river pieced & quilted

54. 30′s Round Robin (quilted)

55. Felted Women Pieced & quilted

56. Asterisk Quilt pieced & quilted

57. Gilmore Chickies (or Birdie Stitches)  Pieced & quilted

58. Love Quilt -Flimsie

59. Blush Tumbler (quilted)

60. Swirly Bouquet (quilted)

61. Embroidered Beach Babies pieced & quilted

62. Christmas Rose Pieced

63.  Metallic Burgoyne Surrounded quilted

64. Scrappy Peaks & Valleys Pieced & Quilted

65. 8 Embroidered Christmas Placemats Pieced & quilted

66. Outside the Box Pieced & quilted

67. Road to Stardom Quilted

68. Road to Stardom quilted


69. Henrietta Whiskers pieced & quilted

70. Wool Pennies   Pieced & quilted




Scrappy Trade Quilts Finished:

1. Harmony’s Soothing water quilt (Quilted)

2. Plaid Bouquet (quilted) Made by Annette

3. Snowman Advent Calendar (quilted) made by Karin

4. Snowman Welcome sign (quilted) Made by Karin

5. Squared Origins (quilted) Made by Harmony

6. That Thirties Thing (quilted)  Pieced By Annette ( will post this later today) Some pics are posted on Fb.

7. Wing It! Rectangled (quilted) pieced by Annette

8. Scrappy Origins (quilted) pieced by Harmony

9. Peaches & Cream (quilted) Pieced by Annette

10. A Tisket A Tasket (quilted) pieced by Nelle

11. Snowman Country (quilted) Pieced by Nelle

12. Table runner (quilted) Pieced by Harmony

13. Birdie Wall hanging (quilted) pieced by Karin

14. Birdie Welcome sign (quilted) pieced by  Karin

15. Baby Boy Tumbler Quilt (quilted) pieced by Jolinda

16. Scrappy log cabin (quilted) pieced by Jolinda

17. Crazy squares (quilted) Pieced by Jolinda

18. Meadow Lark (quilted) Pieced by Teresa

19. Green Stripes (quilted) Pieced by Annette

20. Roll Roll Cotton Boll (quilted) Pieced by Tisha

21. Birdie Round Robin (quilted)

22. Sunshine & Roses (quilted) Pieced by Jolinda

23. Marmalade Flower Girl (quilted) Pieced by Donna

24. Stacked Coins made by Annette (quilted)

25. Impromptu pieced by Donna (quilted)

26. Halloween Quilt pieced by Florence (quilted)

27. Christmas Presents pieced by Donna (quilted)

28. I love Lucy. Pieced by Annette (quilted)

29. Wild Thing Place mats made by Donna & Clarissa ( quilted)

30. Vintage Tin Man  made by Annette ( quilted)

100 Projects made! YAHOO!

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