Fabric Fast Stash Report

OK well this is the first Sunday in 2014. I am unsure of how to count all the yardage and what not…so I am just doing my best. I decided once I committed to this Fabric De-stash of 2014 a few months ago,  I wasn’t going to stock up. That wouldn’t make any sense? I did buy a few cuts of linen because my stash doesn’t have much of that. There is no way I could predict what all I would *want* for a new year.    Of course all of my favorite designers are going to come out with fabulous new lines that I will think “I have to have”……but honestly I already hoard so much of their lines …it’s becoming more of a statement that I love their fabrics and don’t use them. So this will make me use them.  I have worked on a few projects since I have decided not to buy fabrics. I can’t say it’s been easy.

I made a few, Road to Stardom quilts, near Thanksgiving. I didn’t have all that I would have wanted. I also started the mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter…I was lacking in a specific blue color. Mind you all of these are “scrappy” quilts. Yeah-> If I am already lacking in certain colors….I think it’s going to be a difficult road ahead. I am used to just going & getting what I want/need. But in both cases I found somethings that were not perfect …but worked. So I am going with that. They don’t need to be perfect all of the time.

So On New Years I was doing everything I could do to stay awake….I was tired of working on my mystery quilt because I had made some mistakes and I didn’t want to think about it anymore. I thought I could make a few scrappy blocks.

I have bins of 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 inch strips. I had 2.5 inch squares at one point. I cleared that bin out last year at this time. I have also done a good job of clearing out my 5 inch charm bin. Trying to build that one up again because I need another heart quilt. 🙂IMG_7592

So I started with my 1.5 inch strips & a few charms and just started building around a 4 patch of charms. I did that until all of my 1.5 strips were gone….then moved on to the 2.0 inch strips..I used a few 2.5 strips to fill in to make 12 blocks. It was freeing-fun-and mindless. I made each block 29 inches square. Some I trimmed down…some were perfect at that size. 🙂 I used different combinations ( sized strips)  in some blocks. It was easy to put together and makes a quilt that measure 86×114. Roughly.IMG_7593

So there is no way for me to think about how much yardage that is on the front. So I pieced a back that was about 7 yards of fabric. So I will double that & add binding for my stash report.

DESTASH Amount this week: 14.5 yards

The mystery quilt is pretty HUGE I can’t wait to report that one…LOL! It will be fun to see how much fabric I use by the end of the year.

So I am thinking the other thing I should do is keep track of how many quilts I personally make each year. 🙂

So this will also be #1.

Scrappy Squares.IMG_7591

I am working on my Mystery quilt have you all seen it yet? It’s so pretty. Mine is very soft & subtle because of my fabric choices. But I have tons of pastels in my stash that must be used. I have noticed that I love pastels but I don’t use them in my projects very much. So I must start using stash…..pastels must be used. 🙂

I hope you all have a great week!





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