Fabric Fast Report & Some Finishes

Well its the slow time of year for me. I am perfectly ok with that….:) It’s gives me time to quilt up a few of my own quilts. IMG_7642

This first one has been pinned on for quite some time. It’s so busy that I knew an all over would be best. But I did give the white it’s own special treatment of back & forth lines. I saw this quilt in a free pattern leaflet you get from one of the magazines …you know when they send you a subscription request and there are free patterns inside. Yes..this was one of those. They did it in 3 colors …it wasn’t all that pretty ( I thought). SO I used my Amy scraps and put it together. I am in love.

IMG_7634 IMG_7635

I love my Amy fabrics so much that the scraps ( mostly) don’t get mixed in with my other scraps….cause I just can’t part with them or mix them with anything but Kaffe. LOL I am so weird. IMG_7636 IMG_7637 IMG_7638 IMG_7639

Here is the back….which is not an Amy Fabric. I just liked it. I bought the whole bolt last summer when it was on sale at my shop.  I love plaids. I loved teh colors in this. It goes with lots of my lines of fabrics. IMG_7640So busy, bright & Beautiful! It says Charisma All over it ( I just noticed the tag on my photo is spelled wrong…ugh! *sigh*)IMG_7678

I also quilted this Scrappy HST quilt. I quilted with a simple all over stipple. There is so much going on already that an all over design looks nice. IMG_7680 IMG_7679But not only that this is one of those quilts that looks like the typical “quilt” that someone talks of their grandmother making long ago. Because of that I think a simple design works….because it will be used as a utility quilt as well. I originally Posted about it here. IMG_7681

This is a perfect picnic quilt. I even tested it out on the Mustang. Rob doesn’t know that yet. It’s a 66 mustang…vintage so goes with a “vintage” like quilt…don’t you think? IMG_7683 IMG_7684


I also scrapped the back. I love the way it turned out. 🙂 In true scrappy form..I also used scraps of batting and end of bobbins I had around. So it’s a scrappy from start to finish. Gotta use every last bit we buy, right?IMG_7682

So I have not made a HUGE dent in my stash this week. I haven’t really worked on my Mystery quilt at all. I am hung up on those darn Chevrons! So time consuming. I am going to try to commit to doing 75 a day this week so I can move past them ……and finish.IMG_7685 IMG_7686 IMG_7687

But I did finish this quilt. The quilt top was made by Harmony using my scraps. I had a large amount of these McKenna Ryan scraps. I loved these fabrics so much. Harmony made me two quilt tops…and Lori Made me a STUNNING show Stopper. That I really need to quilt. So this is the time of year that I have been waiting for. This is one of them….I just quilted all over feathers …..it suited the quilt well. Soft Subtle & beautiful.IMG_7688IMG_7690

So I used 5 yards of fabric for the backing on this quilt …along with binding.IMG_7689

So YTD: 14.5 +5 = 19.5

I am not going to take credit for scrappy quilts that come in from my friends ( made from my own scraps) as my own personal finishes. But since I own them I am going to make another category to count.

So this is a Scrappy Trade quilt for 2014:

1.   Harmony’s “Soothing Water Quilt” (that’s my own personal name…I don’t know what it’s really called)

My personal Finishes for 2014:

1. Scrappy Squares Flimsy

2. Amy Scraps (quilted)

3. Scrappy 500 HST (quilted)

You might think 20 yards would be noticeable? Sadly no.

I hope you all have a great Sunday! Progress is being made around here! For sure!



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