Fabric Fast for 2015

Ok I have finally decided on what I am going to do for my fabric fast of 2015.

Just a quick re-cap of last years goals ( rules)

1. I could only purchase gray, white, black solids or muslin fabrics. Just because I will need neutrals and backgrounds. There is no way to account for all of that for a year.

2. I could spend 500$ for the whole year on fabric ( I knew I would be going out of town and possibly hanging with quilters)

I did follow  those rules except for a few things. I maybe spent a bit more than $500 in November. I bought lots of fabric in Atlanta…and then I did but the Downton Abbey kit and FQ bundle from my LQS because once it’s gone there is no getting any more and .and.and…I signed up for the Love bug Studio Mystery quilt…so I had to have the fabrics. But I must say…..I was thinking of buying another one of the kits. I bought Rose because well I really like pinks and those type colors…but I was thinking Cora or Carson were really pretty too. Then I had to get a little bit of each of the MAIN DA fabrics….because you just never know what I might need it for.

So I did splurge a bit in at the end of the year….But I don’t feel guilty about it because I was really good all year long….and honestly I didn’t think I could go as long as I did …..for those that have been fabric shopping with me…you all understand. also when I did splurge in Atlanta there was only one line that I bought because i loved it…the rest was all to fill in holes in my stash. Colors I knew that I needed.

I documented my progress and things that I really did miss in my stash as I went along. I recognized what I do and do not use. I cleaned out a ton of yardage that didn’t fit in with anything else. I used tons of scraps. I also realized exactly how much I do accomplish. I am pretty amazed by what I can get done in a year. I think we would all be amazed at what we do. If we keep track of it..it opens our eyes. Its the same with anything. If you monitor your calorie intake you are amazed….I am amazed by my fabric stash & projects.


So the thing that I didn’t do this year?

Break into my lines of fabric.

When I started working at the shop I had 2 totes of fabric. When I had worked there I would buy whole lines of fabric..or a whole colorway of fabric. FQ bundles, layer cakes ect. yes.  I worked for fabric for a couple of years. when you work full time for fabric for a couple of years….let me tell you…that’s a lot of fabric. I still didn’t think I had that much because I use my stash. Yes- it’s apparent that I do use my stash…..I used 500 yards this year.  But the fabric was coming in as fast as I was using it. So I need to balance that a bit better. I don’t think I can go without stash completely….I like digging through it and finding that perfect project with my fabrics…..even if my fabrics are 8 years old.

So this year I am making a rule for myself——I still need to use what I have as much as possible.

1. I can buy backings ( I am going to do the least amount of this as possible)

2. I can buy fillers…such as polka dots, swirls ect ( again not unless I have to…I can’t buy them just to put in my stash unless I know I will use it)

3. I can still buy my solid Konas

4. I can’t buy anything (even the above stated) unless I complete a quilt top with yardage from my stash. So I can’t buy anything until I have used a significant amount of my stash.

I am hoping that will make me use my “lines” of fabrics. I am just so hung up on them. I will not use them because I love them and I don’t want to be without them. Which is so silly because there has never been a shortage of new fabric lines that come out that I can’t choose from. So I need to get with the times and just use it! YOLO, Right?

I totally do this with perfume too & make-up. Dumb. Why am I wearing a perfume i like less everyday so I can preserve the one I love for special occasions? shouldn’t I just wear the one i love everyday and forget about the other? Sure. But instead..I feel like I have to use it. Nothing can go to waste.  I don’t feel exactly the same about fabric…..with fabric it’s not always replaceable with the same exact fabric..so I tread carefully. I am crazy right?

So anyway I have a little more leeway this year with buying fabric. However….I still have to challenge myself to use what I collect….and hoard. So progress will be made!

I am trying to decide if I will keep track of my progress again?

What do yo think?



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