Extra Large Log Cabin

This quilt is beautiful! Brenda sent it..:)

It’s really pretty. The blocks are about 20 inches square.

All batiks.  We discussed quilting designs and went with ferns:)

I *heart* this.


I made them on point so it creates the cross hatch type movement across the quilt. IMG_7259 IMG_7260

I used a variegated thread. IMG_7262

She also made two matching shamsIMG_7237


She also sent along two baby quilts. These got all over clam shells. IMG_7233 IMG_7234 IMG_7235 IMG_7236

The fabric on the selvage says 1993. 20 years old. 5 more years and these will qualify for “vintage” I love that!

Thanks a bunch Brenda!

Have a great Holiday!


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