End of the first day post…….

OK I don’t want you all thinking I will be here posting mass amounts of posts everyday….well probably pictures..which I have a ton to up load here still..I just wanted to get familiar with everything …and make some posts.

So today has been a day of MIRACLES! Honestly. I can’t even say it any different. I had a PDA ( blog) on a forum..the forum changed and informed us we had 21 days to transfer our blogs to their new blog system. Unfortunately, I am in my busy season for quilting, finals for school is just around the corner, my DH (Dear husband) and boys are remodeling 1/3 of our whole house. We are getting new flooring, furniture and painting….oh and lets not forget I am helping to lead our youth group in the Christmas pageant. WOW! I get tired typing all of that…much less living it. So spending 30 hours going one by one on a blog to transfer over to their new blog isn’t something I can do….so after many shed tears from the last couple of days….There is a nice member who was inspired to help me.. She is transferring all of my blog into PDF’s and emailing them to me. IS that not a miracle? Or what? So I will eventually be able to in put them here..I may start a new page (section for that ..so it doesn’t interfere with my new blog). I am overwhelmed at the generosity of so many people around me..it’s just another bit of knowledge for me to believe that I am worthy..God thinks this is all so worthy he is bringing me solutions. Right?

I had traffic court today for a little ticket i got meeting Sue. Sue is from Long Island, New York. We had the chance to meet …so she hand delivered a quilt for me to quilt for her..I will post it here on this thread as a matter of fact. It’s so AWESOME that I not only get to quilt for people around the world..but I get to meet some in person too. All because of my profession. Anyway the funny story about that is that we decided to meet half way between Seattle and where I live…she got a speeding ticket on I-90 on the way to meet me…I got one on the way back home. SO sad. LOL but totally worth meeting Sue.

The judge was lenient with me..and I didn’t get a reckless driving ticket..Thank YOU Jesus! He even chuckled at me when I said “I can’t lie..I did it..I don’t even have an excuse..but can you please give me a discount?” LOL

What do you do?

On top of that another miracle here…my new site…All mine! How amazing is that?

I have had so many answered prayers…

I have had un-expected phone calls that brought me comfort….No chocolate…Can you believe that?

I also have a friend, She will remain nameless unless she wants me to name her..she is a retired pattern maker. She has her own line of books and patterns..wanted to get out of the business ..but she still quilts. She decided today that she doesn’t really like LAQ…so she made a deal with me….she will write out my patterns for me..if I do her LAQ?? What was I supposed to say to that?? no?? Umm NOT!!! YES! I will make that trade. I am not gifted at words, typing, explaining directions and/or teaching…but I can quilt. So if she can turn my creations into patterns for me and do all the writing…and diagrams….I can certainly quilt for her. What a blessing for me! I can’t even describe to you all the emotions of everything in my life happening at once!

It was the same with that realization not to long ago that I knew I was going to have a long arm quilting business….all those tears and doubts and fears that I couldn’t make it..I wasn’t talented enough…or the economy was bad so I shouldn’t try….WOW! Life is good! So I am off to bed..up early to quilt because lets face it..I need to get some Christmas quilts done!

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