Embroidered Beauty

Jill sent this quilt…it is Spectacular! IMG_6150

It’s a BOM for embroidery machines. I love her fabric choices, color combinations..and her work. It was constructed beautifully.IMG_6146 IMG_6145 IMG_6144

This was our first time working together and I asked a ton of questions because I wanted to make sure I complimented it to her liking. She loves it too! I tried to post pictures of it…but of course I completed this when my blog was down for a bit…..and now I get to post this beauty and share it with everyone! IMG_6149 IMG_6148

I quilted stippling in the background…charisma curls and fill in around the roses in the borders. Leaves always compliment so many fabrics as well… Fans, continuous curves and the like bring it all together. IMG_6147


This was difficult to send back..everyone who entered the studio while I was quilting it complimented it….:) Which on any given day could be several people.


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