Embroidered Beach Babes



This is one of those UFO’s.  I think I pieced this about 14 years ago (ish) I started out doing hand embroidery….and learned how to quilt from there. I really liked the hand work because using a sewing machine was difficult for me.  I would trace the designs on muslin and then sash and border them. Not measuring anything or paying attention to a quarter inch seam allowance. I didn’t have a quarter inch foot. I just used the foot that came on my old Riccar.

I also used Wal-mart or second hand fabric that I could pick up where-ever. I know ….now I am a snob.



So now that I am back into the embroidery thing……Thanks to Needle & Thread Society! I pulled out all of those embroidery UFO’s that I traced and pieced…but never actually embroidered. I just can’t give or throw them away…I felt they were important enough at one time…that I am finishing them..even if they are ugly! Wait til you see the next one! I had also intended to gift a bunch one pattern to several people..so I have like 6-7 of one project to make over & over again. I know! But I am determined to start what I finish no matter how I feel about them now. It’s just the way I am.



So I decided on these beach babes to just embroider each image with one bright colored thread in each frame. The fabric that they were sashed in was really cute & bright….and I thought that would be pretty rather than just choosing one color for all of them…or switching a ton of thread colors. I like the finish.



I have also discovered that I have a difficult time photographing embroidered quilts. I don’t know the magic trick of photographing them. They never look right…not true to what they look like anyway.   So I just did the bet I could. The quilt was quite small so I added a yellow border to make a true baby quilt size. I have to say it was painful to cut into my yellow. I have been hoarding my yellow fabrics all year because I had so little…but I remembered that I only have a few months left now..so I can actually use some yellow. I love Yellow…my shop owner isn’t crazy about yellow….so she doesn’t order as much….so I get bits of everything that comes in. I have decided that I need to get more than bits because I love yellow. *mental note: more yellow & brown*


So I had time to get it quilted last night….just an all over water pattern. I didn’t want to stress about it. Another baby quilt for gifting when the right ones comes along. Plus another finish..YAY! I like finishes..I like wiping out UFO’s. I have dreams of being one of those quilter’s that leaves the world with everything finished. Is that even possible?  I am not sure about that….but I can try.


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