Elvis is in the House

Well I thought since it’s my birthday I would share one of my own quilts. Annette pieced this for me. I collected this Elvis fabric…and then got stumped..so I sent it to Annette.  She always has great ideas.


Elvis actually dies 6 days after I was born…August 16, 1977. So it’s almost 40 years since he has died. But Elvis has always been a part of my life. My grandma is a HUGE fan of Elvis ( We call him her Boyfriend) and I am a HUGE fan of my grandma…so you know…it’s a circle of love.

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As far as I can remember I have heard Elvis music….especially at Christmas time. I actually really love Elvis Christmas hymns. One of my Aunts and I were only a few years apart and one Christmas holiday we were stitching on Christmas Tree skirt while My grandma played Music….my aunt started mimicking Elvis and making fun..we have laughed about that for years.

I chose bright colored Elvis fabrics because it’s more “me”. I wanted to have something Elvis because it does bring me happy memories. My grandma has quite an extensive Elvis collection..trust me , I know. I had to pack it up. She took him with her because he is the only man who has ever made her happy. LOL.

My Grandma also loves decorating for Christmas….she ever decorates the bathroom. I am not that committed. I must admit. She also used to make us listen to Liberace on Christmas. That’s a quilt for another day.  My grandma loves piano music. I do too…..but she had a dream attached.

054 055So I didn’t do any real fancy quilting. Just swirls, outlining and what not to bring it all together.  I am glad to have this finished and ready to use. I will always think of my grandma when I use this.

Thank you so much for following along.

Put on some Elvis and dance today! I promise it will make you smile! It works for me.




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