Ellie’s on Parade

Deb is a fabulous pattern designer and artist. She has a few more patterns complete and she let me quilt them for her. This is one of them and it turned out so cute!


Here is her website, here. She has lots of cute patterns and always adding more.

due to the solid fabics in the quilt it showcased the quilting really well….so I used that to my advantage. I am just so happy with the way this turned out. I think it’s a happy quilt to begin with and I was able to just raise it up a bit more. It’s the yellow…I have such a crush on the color yellow. xoxox

097I quilted BIG swirly flowers in the blocks and block work around the elephants. As you can see in the pictures there is an element of 3-D on teh elephants. Deb made the ears come off of the elephants adding that bit of whimsy and texture. So fun!

098So fun!

Here’s the back:

099Thanks Deb! It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Love the new patterns!

I hope you all have a sunshiny day!




4 thoughts on “Ellie’s on Parade

  1. Absolutely adorable! You and your imagination and vision have made the back just as pretty and interesting as the front! Im just in awe of what you can see a quilt becoming. I look at the same quilt and all i can think of is stitching in the ditch! You bring it to life!

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