Easy Street Mystery Quilt

IMG_5586Felicia sent this quilt. It was the Mystery quilt by Bonnie hunter this past year. It’s so beautiful! Felicia stuck close to the colors that Bonnie suggested..except Bonnie chose a gray color for the chain..Felicia chose Black. The black is AWESOME! It just makes that chain pop out! IMG_5587

I also made this quilt it’s here. In completely different colors ( and different border options). I think the quilt is off the site now…but it will be published later in a book. Bonnie hosts one every year….and I have to admit they are fun. She breaks down the steps so easily that you complete a complex pattern so easily you don’t even realize it. She does have a few of her past ones listed if you are interested in trying them. I have all of my fabrics picked out for this one : Double Delight I changed some colors. Of course. I am just using stash. If anyone would want to start it with me and we can be accountability partners..I would love that!

I have quilted a few double delights….and I think they are pretty.

Getting Back to Felicia’s Easy Street…. IMG_5588 IMG_5589

The colors are so bright, saturated and cheery!

She also chose a fabulous fun backing that will keep you in stitches! I am not sure how many projects Felicia and I have collaborated on…but I always love all of her projects and she is a great quilter!IMG_5590IMG_5591

Thanks Felicia! Always my pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Easy Street Mystery Quilt

  1. If you want a partner for the double delight I have lavenders purples and greens all layer out for it. I think it will be soooo pretty. What say 1 step every 2 weeks?

    Tag your it!

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